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Job Description

Position: Assembler/Disassembler Heavy Duty Equipment/Hydraulic Cylinders & Presses

Hours: 7:00AM - 3:30PM Monday-Friday

Frequent Overtime May Be Required During the Week

Saturdays as needed


Typical Equipment Includes: Teardown machine, Overhead Hoists, Hand Tools, Pneumatic Tools such as Air Drills and Air Guns, Automatic Parts Washers, Micrometers, Calipers, Tape Measure, Other specialty measuring tools, Calculator, Forklift, Drill Press, Grinders, Welders.


Disassemble and assemble various hydraulic and pneumatic heavy equipment.

Cylinders Disassembly: Responsibilities include tearing down hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders as well as other types of repairs such as gear boxes, pumps etc. as needed, washing all components utilizing automatic parts washers, assisting with performing various maintenance functions within the department and tracking supply items needed for department.

Cylinders Assembly: Employee is expected to assemble all individual cylinder components including hard components such as tubes, rods, pistons, glands and soft components such as seals. Assembly of certain other repairs listed above may also be needed. Following the assembly, testing of cylinders is performed with either air or hydraulic oil utilizing a tester unit. Once jobs pass the testing phase they are then delivered to final preparation department.

Presses Disassembly and Assembly - (Injection Mold, Compression and Stamping): Employee would be responsible for troubleshooting presses both onsite at customer location and in-house at DAS. This involves evaluating presses for oil leaks, alignment issues and items needing replaced and or remanufactured. Disassembly and assembly of components is required as well as testing.


A minimum of two-three years mechanical experience. Must have working knowledge of precision measuring instruments such as micrometers, calipers and tape measures. Must be willing to lift heavy items. Working knowledge of the hydraulic industry with familiarity of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in terms of components, operation and repair a plus. Pump/motor knowledge also a plus. Working knowledge of presses a bonus. Excellent troubleshooting, attention to detail and follow-up skills needed. High degree of organization and interpersonal skills. Must be a team player with a good work attitude and work ethic. Ability to learn quickly as environment is rapidly changing.


Disassembly/Assembly Cylinders 47.5%

Disassembly/Assembly Presses 47.5%

Maintenance & Tracking 5%


Within the Inspection Department, perform various duties that focus on disassembling and assembling hydraulic and pneumatic heavy equipment with direction from supervisor. This position reports to the plant superintendent. Typical duties at this level include but are not limited to:

Disassemble and Prep Hydraulic and Pneumatic Heavy Equipment:

- On a regular basis, use various hand and pneumatic tools to teardown hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders varying in size from 1" to 14" ID. Disassembly of other types of equipment on an as needed basis (pumps, gear boxes, motors). Wash all hydraulic and pneumatic components manually or by using automatic parts washers. Cylinder parts must be kept together and labeled as necessary as they go through teardown. In addition, cylinders need to be cleaned thoroughly. Once disassembly process is complete cylinders are transferred to the inspection department for evaluation.

Assemble and Prep Hydraulic and Pneumatic Heavy Equipment:

- On a regular basis, use various hand and pneumatic tools to assemble hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders varying in size from 1" to 14" ID. Assembly of other types of equipment on an as needed basis (pumps, gear boxes, motors). Inspect all hard components to prints available and "to fit" to ensure all is acceptable. Assemble all hard components (tubs, rods, glands, pistons) and soft components (seals and seal kits). Once cylinder is assembled perform the testing process with either air or hydraulic oil depending upon the application utilizing a tester unit. Cylinders are tested up to 3000 PSI depending again upon the application. Once cylinders pass the testing process they are transferred to the final preparation department.

- It is imperative that cylinders move through the disassembly and assembly phases in a timely manner in order to help maintain acceptable turnaround times for D.A.S.

Presses Repair and Manufacture:

- DAS repairs and manufactures hydraulic presses spanning injection mold, compression and stamping. Typical duties would include preventative maintenance on presses, repair of press components, manufacturing new press components or complete presses.

- Work activities include: Inspection of components, measuring wear patterns, checking for leaks, measuring bushing clearances, tie rod strain, alignment, disassembly and cleaning of components such as heat exchangers, split/clean and remove molds and reinstall, changing out filters and strainers, belts and hoses, checking torques, inspecting couplings/greasing, repacking cylinders and testing.

- These functions will be done both onsite with a mobile service as well as in-house.



Company Description
D.A.S. Services, Inc. is a family owned business in operation since 1992 in Angola, Indiana. We specialize in the repair and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders along with supplying glands and seal kits for cylinders, custom machining of parts and press repair and manufacture. We are a custom job shop working a variety of types of jobs daily with no mass production work. Overtime manageable with vacation and holidays paid. D.A.S. offers a vehicle whereby employees can save for retirement with individual IRAs. Nice family friendly atmosphere. Average employee tenure 10+ years. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist